Innovation Development

Information technology development and application

Sinopec Engineering Group implements “The 13th Five-year Special Development Plan for Information Technology”, executes “2011-2015 Development Program for Information Technology of Construction Industry”, follows the work principle of “integration and sharing, efficiency and quickness, innovation-driven and collaborative intelligence”, takes “six harmonizes” and “integration” of information technology development as principle, insists on combination of project implementation and business management, combination of engineering design and project management, and combination of international business and domestic business, sufficiently utilizes new generation of information technology and advanced philosophy such as mobile internet, cloud computation, internet of things and macro-data, keeps pace with international first-class, takes owner’s demand as orientation, takes business flow reconstruction and standardization development as basis, and develops information technology featuring industrial characteristics through the project of “one cardinal line, two integration, three platforms and four systems”, so as to keep the overall information technology capability and application level of the group at advanced level in domestic oil refining and chemical engineering field, propel reform of engineering construction, enterprise management and commercial mode, and inject new power for reform, development, quality and efficiency enhancement of the company.

One cardinal line, namely:take the providing of information technology support for the complete business chain including engineering consultation, design, purchase, construction, project management and equipment manufacture of the entire Sinopec Engineering Group as the cardinal line.

Two integration, namely: 3-dimension collaborative design integration taking digitalized factory as the core and engineering management business integration taking project cluster management as the core.

Three platforms, namely:business management platform taking ERP as the core, digitalized delivery platform taking factory object as the core and sharing service platform taking engineering cloud as the core.

Four systems, namely:establish effective information technology organization, management and control system, uniform information technology standard system, stable information technology operation and maintenance system and powerful information security system featuring effective avoidance of risks.

Business management platform taking ERP as the core

In accordance with the requirements on private placement project of listed company, in combination with the business characteristics of engineering segment, making reference to the best practice of the first class engineering enterprises in the world, focusing on core business, refine project cost accounting and comprehensively and establish group business management platform taking ERP system as the core, so as to realize online operation of all domestic business, enhance group management and control capability and integration management level, optimize the integrated management and control system of personnel, finance and material, realize fusion of information flow, material flow and funds flow, and realize organic fusion of business process, system and internal control. Meanwhile, optimize the peripheral management systems (contract management, material management, market development and master data management, etc) at the same time, and realize effective integration of operation management and business management through information technology system integration means. Through implementation of decision-making assistance system (BW) and audit management system (AIS), concurrently implement macro-data application targeting at enhancement of core value of enterprise, quantize index system, establish leader’s cockpit, unify management report, and research knowledge management and expert system, so as to effectively support decision-making and economic activity analysis at the two levels of headquarter and enterprises.

Digitalized delivery platform taking factory object as the core

On the basis of international advanced engineering software platforms such as COMOS, AVEVA and Intergraph, establish production line meeting the requirements of different owners, and enhance the application level of collaborative design platform focusing on technological design system, engineering design system and three-dimension factory design system, so as to realize design digitalization in special field, design collaboration between special fields, mutual data submitting intelligence, model output synchronization, design tool integration, design delivery standardization, optimize engineering database, energetically propel application depth and extent of technological flow simulation calculation software such as Aspen and SimSci, establish the concentrated large-scale engineering software licensing and engineering master data management center, and enhance resources utilization rate and user’s experience. Implement application of new technologies such as replacement of white drawing by blue drawing and digital signature, attach importance to integration between design system and project management system, material and purchase management system, construction management system and ERP system, and integration of design documents and publish and archive system, utilize technologies such as visualization technology, mobile internet and point-cloud, so as to realize browse of factory information, support of visualization of design process, visualization of onsite construction HSE management and visualization of equipment installation simulation, meet the requirement of owner on digitalized delivery, realize information sharing and collaboration in the full lifecycle of factory, lay a foundation for digitalized factory delivery covering the full process information management of EPC, and provide support for construction of intelligent factory.

Full process engineering construction project management platform taking cost control and progress management as the core

Focusing on cost and efficiency, taking funds flow as cardinal line, taking material flow and work flow as the core, optimize project management resources databases such as material database, supplier/subcontractor database, coding database, engineering volume database, man-hour quota database, price database and management knowledge database, etc; and establish construction cost system taking technical economical evaluation, commerce price offering, cost assumption and cost control as the cardinal line, so as to realize control of all personnel, full process and all costs of project, and realize organic interconnection between project budget and finance budget; strengthen establishment of integrated management system platform for intensive control and purchase of project material, propel full lifecycle management of engineering material, and establish global supply chain management system of contractor, owner and subcontractor of project; utilize new technologies such as 2-dimension code, electronic seal and file encryption, optimize system functions such as issuance, exchange, delivery and archiving of electronic file, and strengthen promotion and application of electronic file management system; enhance onsite construction management systems such as construction quality management, HSSE management (safety eye), pipeline welding management, startup/trial run management, project handover file management and construction progress measurement and control management, so as to realize onsite information acquisition and remote video monitoring such as personnel, equipment and environment, strengthen dynamic supervision of personnel such as contractor, subcontractor and construction unit, and enhance onsite construction quality and safety management and control level. Support service team development through integrated project management information platform, standardization project management file system and professional project IT technology, so as to realize integration of systems such as budget, contract, finance, progress and cost control, “keep pace with, get strong enough to support and provide good service to” implementation of project, and propel enhancement of effectiveness and efficiency of project management.

Sharing service platform taking engineering cloud as the core

Unify internet outlets, manage and issue system application and software license in a concentrated manner, and enhance resources utilization efficiency and user’s experience. Strengthen data center development, establish standardized resources pool and knowledge base, realize cloud-based data, cloud-based application and cloud-based formalities examination and approval, deepen server virtualization, desktop virtualization and application virtualization, dynamic allotment, concentrated management and overall planning, and exert the overall advantages. Establish complete information system security hierarchy that integrates invasion protection, antivirus, transmission encryption, certification and access control, includes optimal security system and is dynamic. In accordance with information security protection management requirements such as national requirements, optimize systems such as security protection of internet outlet, desktop security, uniform identity management, information security log audit analysis and information security level protection self-assessment, establish cyber and information security notification mechanism, strengthen information security inspection and potential hazard control, and enhance information security protection capability, so as to provide escort and convoy for system application. Make overall planning for management, integrate resources, optimize configuration, and share service, so as to accelerate and propel management information technology and design integration, further enhance professional IT service capability and level, effectively propel application of information technology achievements, and gradually form the composition of forces of group information technology development and enterprise application.