Innovation Development

New Energy Development

New progress was made in such areas of MTO,natural gas purification, liquidated natural gas receiving station, coal gasification, biological fuel and biological chemical engineering, with the new pattern of joining of development and promotion & application taking shape.

MTO technique was promoted and applied. New generation of DMTO technique represented by Ningbo Heyuan 1.8 million t/a MTO unit was completed and put into operation at the end of 2012, and SMTO technique was industrialized and promoted in Zhongtian Hechuang and Zhong’an, with MTO entering the express of industrialization.

Chuandong natural gas project was wholly and smoothly run, undergoing the test of upstream uncommon work conditions; large-scale high-acid natural gas purification standard system, desulfurized purification art and series security safeguarding technique were developed, and high-acid natural gas erosion evaluation laboratory was built. Yuanba natural gas purification project was put into operation.

Coal based synthetic gas preparing and purification complete technique represented by “SE-East Furnace” gasification technique made breakthroughs and was put into industrialized operation in Yangtse petrochemical. 12×104Nm3/h coal-to-hydrogen pilot unit that adopts SE-coal-water slurry pressurized gasified complete technique begins to be built in Zhenhai refinery.

Hubei fertilizer Coal-based Ethylene Glycol pilot unit has been continuously operated and quality product proportion is competitive in the sector.

Yangtse 200 thousand t/a MTX technique unit has been put into operation, the first industrial unit of its kind in the world.

SNG pilot test, MTP 5,000 t/a industrial test and cellulose-to-fuel ethanol test units went through trial and produced qualified products.

R&D of such energy alternate technique as synthetic oil and coal hydrogenation oil refinery successively completed fixed bed and slurry bed F-T synthetic technique package, creating conditions for development of massive coal-to-synthetic oil unit.​​