SEG Leaders Met with the Senior Management of Exxon Mobil and Fluor

On September10, a group of leaders from SEG headed by Mr. Lu Dong, deputy chairman of theboard of SEG, visited the senior management of Exxon Mobil and Fluor.

In themorning, Lu and his team visited the senior management of Exxon Mobil at thehome office of Exxon Mobil, where the two parties had talks over andnegotiations on what’s to be done for the next stage of cooperation. ExxonMobil made a detailed introduction of how it has been working on thepreliminary activities for the large-scale Huizhou petrochemical project andthe Singapore butadiene project, and clearly pointed out that there would bemuch room for the cooperation on the two projects.  While, SEG, as the strategic contractor ofExxon Mobil, gave a presentation of its organizational structure, the technicalexpertise and business advantages of its subsidiaries, the track record ofrecent projects and the manufacturing and prefabricating ability and fieldconstruction efficiency of China, etc.

In theafternoon, Lu and his team visited Fluor Engineering Co., Ltd., where they hadtalks with the senior management team of Flour Americas. During itspresentation, Fluor Americas focused on its concept for EPFC project execution,particularly the modular design and manufacturing (“F”), which is a value-addedsolution provided by Fluor for extremely cold regions or regions with highconstruction labor cost. SEG, on the other hand, introduced its track record ofand related experience in overseas projects, especially those in the MiddleEast in recent years. The two sides also had an in-depth communication anddiscussion on how to make use of each other’s advantages for potential projectcooperation.

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